Your vehicle is important you use it from day to day, locking your keys in your car is unpleasant but dont worry we can help

Our automotive locksmith services can assist when you are locked out of your car, broken your keys or you need some new keys

Open Your Locked Vehicles

Locked out of your vehicle? Don’t worry our high tech equipment and locksmiths can help you out.

Broken Keys Removed From Locks

If your keys have broken in the ignition or car door. We can provide assistance. It is our job!

Replacement Keys

Need replacement keys? We can provide. Need re-coding we can provide that also.

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You jump in your car ready to take off on your holiday , turn the ignition it doesn’t start, you turn it a few more times then notice the key breaks off in your hand. Looks like you need an automotive locksmith and maybe a car repair technician.


Our car keys get old and worn down from constant use so sometimes we need to replace our keys, also with the latest model cars they tend towards the use of digital keys or immobilizers that can be dropped in water or broken under pressure.

As master qualified automotive locksmiths we cover this field also, our technology allows us to duplicate and restore broken car keys. We provide services for re-coding keys and recreating digital car keys from blanks all around Melbourne and the outlaying areas.


We provide services to help you open your locked vehicle and repair any locks or ignitions that need the service.

Contact The Lock Guy today! With over 30+ years as an automotive locksmith you cant go wrong.

Our services are provided as fully licensed and registered locksmiths. We are fully insured so you can feel at ease.

Calling The Lock Guy can help you swiftly when you are facing automotive problems.

What type of services can we assist with?

Open up your locked vehicles
Remove your broken keys from locks and ignitions
Replace your locks and repair your ignitions
Supply replacement keys for your vehicle
Re-code keys

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.