In today’s advanced world, the sliding doors have become popular and thus, the need for sliding door locks has likewise expanded. Most of the lofts and townhomes make use of the sliding porch doors because of their ability to open up more space for open air. They are also known for their easy access. Nonetheless, there is one drawback to these doors. The locking framework which is ordinarily used as a part of these doors is particularly unstable, and thieves can undoubtedly overcome them. Besides, as these locks grow old, the parts become far more vulnerable to burglary contrasted with the new locks. This issue can, however, be overcome since there are various locking systems accessible for securing these doors better.

Jimmy Plate

One of the most leading types of the locks is Jimmy plate. This device needs to be screwed to the upper channel of the sliding door. When this device is set up in place, an intruder cannot enter or open the door basically by lifting the plate off the track. An effort to do as such will go around the bolt on the door. This gadget can be purchased from any home supplies shop or any tool store.

Safety Bar

If Jimmy plate is not your decision, you can use yet another security device known as safety bar. This gadget should be used as an attachment on the glass of the door. This device is situated in a way so that nobody from outside can slide it open. These locking gadgets are low-cost devices, and they can be easily installed. As far as the situating of the device on the glass is concerned, it is, for the most part, settled at the base of the door. However, just to achieve added security, individuals regularly use an extra one at the midsection of the door. After you have bolted the door using this sliding door bolt, ensure that you go outside and check properly whether the locking component has worked precisely how you would have preferred or not.

Choosing the Right Sliding Door Locks

Selecting the best possible door bolt is additionally imperative. Different individuals use sliding doors in various spots. You have to discover the level of security required in a particular territory and then purchase a door bolt. If you mistakenly select a bolt, you will be undermined by theft, and consequently, door bolt choice turns into a noteworthy concern. Appropriate determination will decide the level of security that you can include. There is a large collection of locks to choose from. Every one of them accompanies their sweet little turn which can build the security levels significantly. Thus, you have to choose your sliding door bolt legitimately using the guide beneath.


The locks you are purchasing ought to fit into your doors and windows without much effort and ought to be specially designed for it. These locks ought to likewise be colour coordinated with the colour of your doors and windows so they do not look odd from outside.


The locks ought to likewise be comprised of high quality and emphatically manufactured so that nobody could be offered the chance to reprieve or mess with them. Keep in mind the harder these locks are, the more secure your friends and family would be.


The cost and endeavours required to keep up these locks ought to be insignificant. You ought to purchase just those locks that can be cleaned at home now and then and don’t require a specialist to guarantee their upkeep. It would likewise be decent if the locks have a warranty period which would ensure you that you do not need to stress over burning through cash on the repair of these locks if there is an imperfection distinguished inside a couple of months of their buy.


The component of the sliding door locks ought to likewise be straightforward and simple to learn. These locks ought to be effortlessly handled by even little children who will guarantee you that you can trust your kids to bolt up the home without placing themselves at risk. The simple mechanism of the locks would likewise ensure you that you can bolt up your home within a few seconds if and when you sense danger outside your home.

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