ABUS Padlocks

The ABUS padlock range is one of the best range of padlocks on the market because of the sturdiness and ease of application.

We Assemble

That’s right we assemble padlocks for any occasion be it for large distribution or for commercial properties.

High Quality Padlocks

Our padlocks are of the highest quality, strength and all round design.

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Lock up your gates, valuables and treasured possessions with our high quality ABUS padlocks range which are assembled and installed by us. We are licensed lock suppliers that provide to Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

What are these ABUS padlocks? ABUS is an German company that focuses on security worldwide. There goal is to make high quality products and to provide a long service to the products. There security products target home security, commercial security and mobile security. So there padlocks are top of the range.

The padlocks are assembled by our team at our office and then delivered or taken to the location to install the padlocks.

Contact The Lock Guy today if your require a quote on padlock assembly or mass padlock assembly as we can do all types.

You will find our high quality padlocks assembled with precision and expertise, with high duralibity and ease of use these will be your most favored padlocks

What type of services can we assist with?

Assembling padlocks
Delivery and installation of padlocks
Replace existing padlocks

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